When MRU collaborates with a development partner, this increases efficiency for both the partner and for Member States.  Partners can realize up to four-country impact by taking advantage of MRU’s established relationships, and countries can benefit from a wider range of programs than they could likely pursue independently.  Following are some advantages that MRU offers to development partners:


  • A network of contacts within Member State governments
  • Country convening power, which streamlines communications
  • Experience leading dialogue and reaching consensus among countries
  • The ability to advocate for new approaches and policies
  • Unique position to address transboundary issues, including natural resources
  • Established links to local groups, especially in border communities
  • The ability to elevate issues from the local level all the way to the Heads of State
  • An understanding of historical, social, and cultural relationships in the sub-region
  • Program coordination experience, and deftness to resolve issues
  • Institutional memory and knowledge on sub-regional issues
  • Offices located in all four countries
  • The ability to work in both regional languages (English and French)
Pillar 1:

Economic Development and Regional Integration

Pillar 2:

Peace, Security and Democratic Governance

Pillar 3:

Health and Social Development

Pillar 4:

MRU Institutional Development

Trade Facilitation Border Security and Management Health Visibility and Partner Engagement
Agriculture and Food Security Democratic Governance Gender and Women’s Empowerment Institutional Coordination
Infrastructure Development Disaster Preparedness and Response Youth Empowerment Staff Capacity Building
Natural Resource Management   Education and Training Knowledge Management


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